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Hi! I’m Francesca, from Italy, Certified Face Yoga Method instructor in February 2020. I started practicing Face Yoga Method in February 2018 and since then I couldn't do without it! At the time my oldest daughter was 5 years old and my little one only 2 and she didn't want anything to do with sleeping. I had also just left the previous company, where the rhythm of work were very high and stressful. My face well displayed everything: a tired expression, hollow cheeks and dark cycles. Face Yoga Method happened at the right time. Step by step I fully integrated it with my daily life and since I started my face asymmetry has improved a lot, and my skin is now glowing. But also my energy has changed: I’ve started appearing more relaxed and happy... despite my little one still have some issues with sleeping. I am very excited to share with you how Face Yoga Method can create a ripple effect of positivity in your face and mind... and not only.

Face Yoga Method

Face Yoga Method is a series of facial exercises that prevent aging of facial tissues by toning local muscles beneath the skin: as for body muscles, training the facial muscles improves the blood circulation and increases oxygen flow which results in more youthful and glowing complexion. Face Yoga Method is a choice of beauty completely natural. It is hands down one of the best self-care tools, that can transform the people inside out. You do not need any tool to practice it and once learnt you can practice anywhere and everywhere.

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